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My Memory Box | About Us


You want to remember.
They want to be remembered...
Memories Makes it Happen!

We have chosen the name MY MEMORY BOX.com which we believe symbolizes the deep felt emotion and connection to our Mission. We have made it our mission to use a unique, patented technology, to make it possible to embed our most precious memories of loved ones contained in videos, pictures, or events onto a Memorial Stone, an Urn, or personal picture.

You can attach them by simply taking a picture of any still image through our app. Our technology will connect your chosen pictures, or videos to that image instantly. Once you have attached them, anyone you choose can recall them instantly with our app, anytime or anywhere they happen to be.

"MY MEMORY BOX" makes it possible to use this opportunity to save videos, pictures, and memories of those loved ones we miss each day and make them available the instant you want to recall them, through your phone, regardless of where you are.

You can also attach special event videos to a family business card such as: vacations, family reunions, holidays, graduations, and birthdays and share them with anyone you choose by having them download our app for free and scan the famimly card.

Do not wait until it may be too late save them today. It is not only easy, the technology makes it so affordable.

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What is Memories?

Memories is a mobile app that stores images of headstones, photos, or other memorial items and connects them to other media such as videos, music, or pictures of loved ones.


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Why Is the Memories App Necessary?

Trying to compile the items relevant to a loved one’s life into one central location can be difficult and confusing. It can create stress when simply trying to pull up an image or special beloved family video. Memories gives users the opportunity to select choice memories and put them all into one location and make it accessible to any Memories enabled mobile device with a camera.

It stores videos, music, or photos in a cloud based storage system that connects these items with a specific headstone, photo, or Urn. It then immediately displays them on a mobile device’s screen when that device’s camera is oriented toward the headstone, photo, or object.

The camera scans the image and when the Memories app recognizes that image, it begins displaying whatever the user has attached to it. Choice memories are all in one place and viewing it all is as easy as a thought, just as it should be.